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London to Paris Bike ride in aid of Help for Heroes - 2010

Training started in early February. The roads were icy and thetemperature near freezing. Connor had purchased a Lexus Classic Road bike from Ebay at a wopping 35! Lyndon had a range of bikes to choose from, including BMX's! Training started with short 10 mile round trips.

  • Ulting to Mundon
  • Mundon to North Fambridge
  • Maldon to Witham
  • Ulting to Fambridge
  • Maldon to Mayland

Gradually the distance increased, and the time got less. A regular training ride was 45 minutes to an hour three times a week, with a longer three hour ride at the weekend. Lyndon was more committed to the cycling, with Connor believing it to be a "rather boring pasttime!". Despite this, they carried on.

They had advice from Peter, a friend from Witham, on their bikes and their training regimes.

Eventually, Connor succumbed to toe clips, which he did agree, after an initial period, helped his cycling. Lyndon did much of the maintenance as they went along, trying hard to get Connor to do his bit as well. Connor can now change a tyre!

After additional swimming, gym work, dance (Connor) and cycling things looked good. Lyndon took part in the New Forest H4H Bike Ride, successfully completing quite a gruelling 70 mile cycle. Meeting H4H CEO, Byrn and Emma Parry, was an additional bonus. Meanwhile, Connor was engaged on a ThickSkin Theatre production, a physical theatre company, at Ham House in Richmond and then on a very arduous intermediate dance course with Rambert Dance Company in London.

Training continued through the summer and the boys then took part in the Essex 100. One hundred miles around the Essex Countryside, from Danbury across to Dunmow, up to Saffron Walden, then down to Tiptree and back to Danbury and the finish line. Lyndon came in at 4pm with Connor following some 20 minutes later. Exhausted, it was decided that they were ready for the London to Paris ride.

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